Samasu Group

Welcome to Samasu Group, specialist group of companies, providing services in the Oil and Gas, Healthcare and a variety of other industries.

Samasu International (SICL)

SICL operates in the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Power, Infrastructure, Construction and Urban Development sectors.

Samasu Medical (SMES)

SMES specialises in the distribution and services of Medical Equipments, Diagnostic Imaging, Laboratory Instruments and reagents

Welcome to Samasu Group

Samasu Group is a leader in providing specialised services in various fields, including Crude Oil & Petroleum Products, Medical Equipments, as well as Automotive Tires Products.
Samasu International Company Limited

Samasu International Company Limited (SICL) specialises in Crude Oil & Petroleum Products Trading, Oilfields Supply and Services, as well as Infrastructures Projects.

Samasu Medical & Educational Services

Samasu Medical & Educational Services (SMES), specialises in the distribution & services of Medical Equipments, Imaging, Laboratory Instruments & reagents.